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6 Common Airborne Pollutants and What They Do to Your Health
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6 Common Airborne Pollutants and What They Do to Your Health

Unfortunately, harmful particles can build up in even the most surprising spaces. This winter, you may be shocked to learn that the most common airborne pollutants may be in your own home. And, of course, nobody likes to think that the very air they breathe is polluted with unseeable hazards. 

Because it's a frightening thought to know that there could be potentially harmful contaminants in your family's indoor air, you want to find a safe solution. Fortunately, with the indoor air quality services with Furnace Doctor, you can clear the air and breathe easy again.

So, it is essential for your health to understand what these microscopic nuisances can do and what can be done to stop them.

1. Mold

While you may think of mold as something unsightly that grows on forgotten leftovers in the back of your fridge when airborne, it's much more than a little gross. Mold is a fungus, and even though many species are harmless in small numbers, the spores they release into the air can cause severe respiratory distress. And if you're allergic, even minimal amounts of it can cause issues.

Furnace Doctors' professional duct cleaning services go a long way toward preventing mold issues and keeping your home at a relatively low humidity level. Typically, mold can be found by sight, but you may also notice a musty, wet smell. If you are concerned about mold or potential mold in your home, you need a duct cleaning professional.

2. Ozone

Ozone is a gas that is composed of three atoms of oxygen, occurring both high in the atmosphere and at ground level. Good ozone is stratospheric ozone, which occurs high up and protects us from the sun. However, the ozone on the ground level can be incredibly dangerous for people and the environment. Have you ever encountered smog? That's the bad kind of ozone.

It does not directly get into the air but relies on chemical reactions once it gets low enough. Industrial facilities, car exhaust, and gasoline vapors all interact with Ozone once it is at ground level. But, you may ask, does that have to do with the inside of my home? With a dirty air filter or an open window, ozone can enter your home and wreak havoc on your vulnerable family. With Furnace Doctors, our air purification systems are powerful enough to rid your family's precious air of this harmful camera.

3. Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a colorless and odorless gas that can be incredibly dangerous in long-term exposure. Although the top producers of carbon monoxide are cars, trucks, and other vehicles, you may still find carbon monoxide in your home in various ways.

If your home has a gas space heater, an operational chimney, or a gas stove, you are at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning in the worst situations.

Our team at Furnace Doctors recommends getting a carbon monoxide detector and checking it once a month. We also provide the best indoor air quality services so you can sleep better at night knowing your family is safe.

4. Sulfur Dioxide

Do you live in a major city or nearby a power plant or other industrial facility? You may be in danger of finding sulfur dioxide in your home's air. Sulfur Dioxide is created by burning fossil fuels from said power plants, especially those that process metal to make ore.

In addition, heavy equipment like trains and construction equipment may have the same effect. And unfortunately, this can get into your home's air and significantly affect those with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions.

5. Bacteria

Seemingly countless diseases are transferred via airborne particles, and while they can usually be treated with antibiotics, nobody likes being sick. Especially during cold and flu season, coupled with the current pandemic, it almost feels as if you can get sick just by being awake.

This is especially dangerous if your family members are young, old, or immunocompromised. In addition, certain illnesses can have even more dire effects than they would otherwise.

So what is the best way to clear the air of these microorganisms? Invest in a high-grade filter and have it installed by a top-notch provider of air filtration system services.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Furnace Doctors helps you cut through the bacteria to protect your family's health. Our team can even provide hospital-grade air filters, so you know you're getting the very best.

6. Odors

Smelling something unpleasant inside your home isn't always harmful. In some cases, it's little more than a day-to-day annoyance. After all, if your trash bin didn't stink, you wouldn't know when to empty it.

And, especially in the winter, you cannot prop open windows and doors to air out your home due to the cold weather. A few unpleasant smells feel like a hundred when you cannot air them out.

That said, a buildup of odors in your home can damage your emotional health if left unchecked. If you're ashamed to invite friends over due to the smell, or your home just isn't as comfortable as it used to be, you should consider a specially-made air filter to combat it.

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From heating and cooling repair to installing UV air purifiers, if it has to do with breathing easy in your home, we're all over it. Call Furnace Doctors at the Saint Paul Park office today at 651-789-3082.

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