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How to Keep Your Cooling Bills Low This Summer
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How to Keep Your Cooling Bills Low This Summer

Rising temperatures, the kids getting antsy—summer’s in the air, and you can’t wait! Well, maybe you can, in some respects. You probably aren’t looking forward to the increased energy bills, for example. While spring in Minnesota is relatively temperate, mugginess and heat are on the horizon, and your air conditioning will be working overtime to compensate.

This doesn’t need to be the case, though! With the right care and a few tips from Furnace Doctors, your Saint Paul Park HVAC contractors, your A/C will serve you efficiently throughout this summer and beyond. Are you ready to save?

Invest in Window Films

They can be a bit pricey up front, but you’ll notice the savings for a long time to come. Films are clear coverings that stick to your windows and stop solar energy from intruding. They keep your home cooler from the outside-in with no compromise to your interior ambiance, as many of them are relatively clear.

When the cool air your air conditioning generates doesn’t escape your home easily, the unit has to do less work to keep things comfy for you.

Watch for Leaks

While all homes benefit from a little ventilation, drafts where they shouldn't be might mean that cool air is escaping your interior, and you don’t want to pay to cool the outdoors! Luckily, with spring being a relatively breezy season with temperatures often differing widely from day to night, these drafts are easy to spot before summer arrives.

If you can’t find anything noticeable, you should still double-check all of your:

●        Doors

●        Windows

●        Attics and basements

●        Electrical outlets

Regardless, as these are places where the barrier between indoors and out is likely to be breached.

Get That Cooling Service Done STAT!

HVAC maintenance plans exist for a reason. You wouldn’t even have to worry about this if you have one! However, if you haven’t joined our A/C maintenance plan program and became a Comfort Keeper, you’ll need to get Furnace Doctors out to check on your system before warm weather sets in. A maintained system is a happy system—one that can work at its most efficient and save you money.

Furnace Doctors: Here to Keep You Cool When Things Get Hot

You deserve stress-free A/C service. Your home’s HVAC system shouldn’t cause you to pull your hair out—its sole purpose is to keep you comfortable, after all! That’s why you need the friendly, no-fuss service that we at Furnace Doctors are so proud to offer.

To schedule your A/C’s regular checkup, give our Saint Paul Park office a call today at 651-789-3082.

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