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Should I Replace my Furnace and A/C Simultaneously?
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Should I Replace my Furnace and A/C Simultaneously?

So it’s time for a new air conditioning or heating appliance—awesome! You should look forward to improving your home’s comfort and probably lowering your energy expenditures to boot. However, despite how exciting this time may be, when it’s time to replace one integral part of their HVAC system, many homeowners are faced with a difficult question: is it time to replace its cohort, too?

While leaving it be may save you money in the short run, you might also not want to go through the hassle of arranging for replacement when the system does inevitably age out of functionality. Plus, since the two systems work together to maintain your home’s air quality, letting one become defunct can have serious consequences for the other.

So what’s the best option?

Figuring Out the Right Route

While, for reasons stated above, dual replacement is oftentimes the smarter choice, the right option for you will vary depending on a few factors.

How Old Is the System You’re Replacing?

It’s not necessary to have systems that match perfectly to the year, as a few years’ difference isn’t really that significant. It’s much more important to examine the technology your old and new system possesses and deduce if it can work together well. An HVAC contractor can, and should, help you with this; their specialized knowledge will come in handy.

Will Dual Replacement Save me Money in the Long Run?

The answer to this question is usually yes, hence why we often recommend simultaneous replacement, because

●        You’ll probably save money on furnace repair or A/C repair with new systems that complement one another

●        You’ll probably see improved home comfort levels thanks to the synergy

●        You’ll probably save more money on energy bills with two energy-efficient systems

Is my Current System a Good Fit for my Home?

You might be getting a tailored HVAC recommendation and installation in one area, but how is its opposite faring? Is your appliance too big or too small for your home? Is it giving you the comfort you want and deserve? Assessing your overall satisfaction with the system in question is a great way to decide if it needs replacing, barring other considerations or not.

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