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Why Are my Home’s Levels Separate Temperatures?
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Why Are my Home’s Levels Separate Temperatures?

Basements are supposed to be cold, and attics stifling hot, right? Isn’t it normal for different places in your home to have different temperatures depending on how high or low they are?

While hot air does tend to rise, it’s certainly not normal for you to ever be uncomfortable in your very own home. It’s supposed to be a place of rest and respite, not one where you have to don a sweatshirt just to traverse the levels! Furnace Doctors, your Saint Paul Park HVAC contractors, is here to examine this issue—what causes it, what it means, and what you can do about it.

The Root Cause

This problem can, but not always, have something to do with your cooling or heating. If it’s the case, though, it’s a sign that it’s time for air conditioning or heating services.

In order to heat or cool your home, your HVAC system has to expend a certain amount of energy—yes, even if it’s a swanky efficient model! When your home is two different temperatures in two different places, it can signal that your heating or cooling is working as hard as it can, but it can’t reach the energy levels needed to maintain your home in all its altitudes. It could be time for replacement!

But don’t blame your HVAC system just yet; you could just have it set incorrectly. If you have your top and bottom floors set to the same temperature, it’s normal for the top to be a little hotter. Hot air does rise, after all.

What if It’s Not HVAC-Related?

Worn-out or inaccurate heating and cooling systems aren’t the only things that can cause temperature problems! If your upstairs is problematically toasty, you could be dealing with a roof that’s transferring its heat to your top floor through the attic, which is an issue easily fixed with some more insulation.

What Do I Do?

Check the temperatures you’ve got your HVAC set at for separate levels. If it’s the same all around, try fiddling with it a few degrees to get it to where you like it. If a little tweaking goes in vain, it’s time to contact a furnace contractor or A/C maintenance service.

While ineffective tweaking doesn’t rule out the issue of a poorly insulated roof, your HVAC system has probably undergone some strain if it’s been working hard to maintain your home’s comfort. Regardless of if it’s the cause of your discomfort, it’s time to get it checked out so you don’t experience service interruptions in the future.

Furnace Doctors: We Don’t Just Do Heating

Cooling, ducts, air purification—if it has to do with your home’s ambiance, we’re experts, and we’re here to lend our expertise to you. Give our Saint Paul Park office a call today at 651-789-3082.

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