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The ABCs of Summer Furnace Maintenance
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The ABCs of Summer Furnace Maintenance

With luck, we’ve had our share of sweltering days this season—it’s what summer’s all about, after all! Your air conditioning is no doubt working hard to keep your family comfortable, and you’re no doubt all about keeping up with its professional maintenance schedule as a result.

 But what about your heating system? Goodness knows you’re probably not thinking much of it at the moment; It’s got the summer off, after all! That may be true, but we at Furnace Doctors, as heating and cooling experts, are here to say that even though your furnace might be idle, it’s not dead—so it needs a small deal of care.

It’s Time for a Clean Slate

No doubt your furnace accumulated some degree of dust over the winter and spring seasons, both inside and out. When left to its own devices, this dust can seriously mess with your furnace’s inner workings, causing premature breakdowns and the need for more service.

Play it safe and call an HVAC contractor to perform a proper seasonal cleaning. While it’s probably not beyond your abilities to wipe down the machine’s exterior, a furnace is an intricately working machine that works with both electricity and heat. Failure to put it back together correctly after a well-meaning cleaning can spell disaster—so let the pros handle it.

Check Your Filter

If you’ve got one filter for both your heating and cooling system, this might not apply to you, but if your air conditioner and furnace each have individual filters, you may have forgotten to check your furnace’s. Summer is the perfect time to assess its dirtiness level and perform the needed maintenance so your machine is ready for the first cold night of fall—you know how mood-swingy Minnesotan weather is!

If you’ve got the know-how, it’s possible to change your filter yourself, but always consult with a professional first to make sure you’re doing it right.

Schedule a Maintenance Plan

Summer’s a time to kick back and chill, especially since the kids are out of school. When life picks back up again, you don’t want to be struggling to get your furnace back to work in time for a cold season whose arrival time is dubious; get your furnace maintenance plan situated now to avoid all the stress that comes with procrastinating.

Keep Your Home Comfortable With Furnace Doctors

The prescription for a healthy furnace year round: Furnace Doctors! Our Saint Paul Park team has the dedication, knowledge, and practical expertise you need for a consistently comfortable home. Give us a call today at 651-789-3082.

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