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Three Things you Can Do to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality
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Three Things you Can Do to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

It might disturb you to discover that the air you breathe in your home isn’t exactly fresh. In fact, if you don’t invest in the proper residential indoor air quality solutions, you’re subject to a whole host of indoor air pollutants that can seriously impact your health! Go check out our blog, “Three Common Airborne Pollutants and What They Do to Your Health” for the straight facts.

Back yet? Disturbed? Here’s the good news: improving your home’s air quality is well within your abilities. In this post, the heating and cooling experts discuss how exactly to do just that.

Invest in UV Air Purifiers

A great deal of the particles that cause poor residential indoor air quality can actually come from your air conditioner!

Let’s get more specific. Air conditioning systems are dark and dank, and given that they aren’t disturbed on a day-to-day basis, they’re the ideal spot for the following to set up shop:

●        Bacteria and viruses

●        Mold

●        Allergens

When the A/C is used, these particles are sent spinning through your ductwork and directly into your home!  UV light air sterilization fights this problem by targeting it at its source. By shining directly on your A/C units’ coils and its surrounding ducts, it destroys harmful particles before they have a chance to hurt your family.

Keep Up With Pet Maintenance

What on Earth do your pets have to do with your residential indoor air quality? Quite a bit, it turns out—dander can really drive some people crazy, and if the accumulation is high enough, this can extend to people who aren’t even allergic. Plus, pets bring dirt and other not-so-nice air pollutants into the house.

But don’t fret: it’s perfectly possible to have a pet and great air quality. Take a look at our blog “Four HVAC Tips for Pet Owners to Improve Air Quality” for the lowdown.

Have Your HVAC System’s Filter(s) Inspected

HVAC filters come in tons of different models, some more suitable for certain households over others. If you haven’t had yours inspected by an HVAC contractor lately, it’s a worthwhile investment in improving your home’s air quality. The pros at Furnace Doctors, for example, can examine your system and determine if a higher-efficency model is right for you.

Contact Furnace Doctors for a Healthy HVAC and Home

We’re air purification experts here to tidy your home’s atmosphere and make it the comfortable space you deserve it to be. Give our Saint Paul Park office a call today at 651-789-3082.

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