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Is Your Furnace Suffering From Winter Stress?
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Is Your Furnace Suffering From Winter Stress?

As Minnesotans, we’re tough against the cold, but we rely on heating when we’d rather not be. Throughout our harsh winters, come sleet or snow, your furnace works hard to ensure your family’s comfort and health. Where would you be without a heated home during a polar vortex?

Because furnaces go through a lot during the cold season, they need a little TLC (at least once or twice per year) to help them through. No machine lasts forever without proper maintenance, and furnaces are no exception. When this workhorse of a machine is struggling, contact your local pros at Furnace Doctors and get it the attention it deserves!

The farther we get into winter, the harder your heating system has to work due to a drop in heating effectiveness, especially if you forgot to schedule furnace maintenance last fall! Let’s take a look at some common signs of winter stress on your furnace.

The Good News: Many Furnace Problems Are Fixable

If you work with top-of-the-line HVAC contractors like our team at Furnace Doctors, chances are your furnace’s winter blues can be resolved in a cinch with a simple furnace repair. Furnaces are designed to last for many years, and as such it’s often small parts that give out before the machine as a whole is rendered unserviceable.

Keep an eye out for these common signs of winter stress on your furnace:

Your Igniter Is Failing

As the name implies, this part of your gas furnace creates the electrical spark that allows for ignition and thus heat generation. Wear-and-tear, grime, and old age can all be the cause of this issue, and it often manifests as a furnace that fails to stay lit or won’t light at all.

Your Filter Is Dirty

Since we use our furnaces more in the wintertime, filters are going to collect more airborne pollutants. It’s common sense. A dirty furnace filter, while generally an easy problem to spot, can result in a furnace that works harder to heat your home, landing you with sky-high energy bills.

Your Furnace Is Noisy

While it might not be an issue in and of itself – furnaces are usually situated out-of-the-way – it’s a surefire sign that something is seriously amiss with the machine, potentially resulting from wintertime overuse. Get in touch with a heating contractor ASAP if your furnace is excessively talkative.

Tips to Avoid Overworking Your Furnace

Your furnace is essential to keeping you warm, and you want to help support it so it stays in excellent condition and keeps your home comfortable. How can you keep from overworking it? Here are some professional tips to follow.

Turn the Thermostat Down at Night

This is one of the best ways to help lower your heating costs and keep your furnace running effectively. When you go to bed or leave home, turn the temperature down or invest in a programmable thermostat to keep your living space consistently comfortable but not overworking when you’re not around or don’t need it to be.

Don't Crank Up the Heat

It's normal for people to automatically want to turn the heat up if they're feeling cold, but this action isn’t recommended. Staying warm isn’t always about having more heat quickly, but instead having the proper heat.

This is because cranking it up means that eventually, the interior just gets uncomfortable, you increase your heating bills, and you have to readjust the temperature. So having a thermostat with a set temperature and being patient as the house warms up is the best method to reduce stress on your heating system.

Stay on Top of Filter Changes

Your air filter will also play a role in how hard your furnace works because if it's dirty, it can cause premature wear. After all, the system has to work harder. Staying on top of regular filter changes means you are getting easier air flow, higher quality indoor air, and more efficiency resulting in less wear and tear on your heating system and more money in your pocket each month.

Keep Your Vents Clear

You also want to be sure that nothing is blocking the air vents in your home. This could be anything from furniture to carpeting. If blocking vents is unavoidable, it is recommended to talk to a professional to see if this will negatively impact your furnace.

Eliminate Drafts

The last tip is to eliminate any drafts in your home. This can include applying weather stripping and sealing leaks or installing storm windows because this can help prevent the heat from escaping and put less pressure on your heating system.

Furnace Doctors: Your Twin Cities Heating Company

Like our name suggests, we’re experts in curing your furnace of “illness” and restoring your home to its previous high levels of comfort. For furnace repair services done right and with a smile, give our Saint Paul Park office a call today at 651-789-3082.


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