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How to Tell if Your Home’s Humidity Levels Are Where They Need to Be
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How to Tell if Your Home’s Humidity Levels Are Where They Need to Be

On a previous blog of ours, “Why Is Regulating Your Home’s Humidity Important?”, we talked about just that—why keeping things consistent in this respect is critical to maintaining a variety of your household facets. From hardwood flooring to mold growth, tons of things can be affected positively or negatively by household humidity. Check out the entry for the full scoop!

What that blog didn’t touch on, for the sake of space, is how to monitor your home’s humidity—how to tell if it’s in dangerous, belongings-compromising levels or simply responsible for your building irritation. Luckily, we’ve got a few signs to look for below.

If Your Home Smells, That’s a Tell

Of course, a smelly home can be caused by a variety of things—did you remember to take out the garbage today? When it comes to humidity, though, your levels should not cause any noticeable odor in your home. If you begin to smell mildew or must, that can be a sign that your household humidity levels are too high, resulting in an outbreak of mold growth that causes the stench.

If, however, your home smells fresh, you’re home free! Thank your whole-house humidifier for continuing to do its job well and in moderation.

Watch Out for Window Fog

It’s not a hard-and-fast sign that your home has too high a level of humidity; after all, condensation can happen for a variety of reasons, from hot water usage to interior/exterior temperature differences. It even can indicate that a window seal is broken, an issue that’s not at all related to your residential indoor air quality!

However, if you’ve gone through all the alternatives and still find your home’s windows foggy, consider too high a humidity as potentially being the culprit. Ideally, your home’s humidity levels should be moderate enough that they leave no condensation behind.

You’re Sick of Static

Do you check yourself before placing your hand on a doorknob? Have you sustained one too many shocks for comfort? If static electricity has got you down, it could be a sign that your home’s humidity is too low. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate this natural occurrence, houses with too-low humidity deal with more than their fair share of an annoyance that should be relatively seasonal.

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