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Why Is my A/C Making so Much Noise?
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Why Is my A/C Making so Much Noise?

If your home is like many, it’s constantly filled with sound. Be it the television, humming computers, or laughing kids, it can get downright noisy inside as it is—so your cooling system should never be something to add to the din!

Indeed, your air conditioning should be so silent that it’s nearly invisible. Not only are loud noises coming from it a major headache, but they signal something is seriously wrong with your machine, and that you need air conditioning services STAT. Below, Furnace Doctors, your Saint Paul Park providers of A/C maintenance and A/C repair, is here with a brief field guide to your broken cooling’s various calls below.

Thumping and Rattling

If your A/C is really boogying down and getting loud, chances are something’s loose inside that’s causing the sound. Metallic clanking is a dead giveaway that this is the case; something mechanical isn’t functioning correctly—perhaps it’s been shifted slightly—and is hitting another part of your cooling unit.

If something sounds loose in there, you obviously need the help of an air conditioning contractor ASAP. Prolonged usage of the part when in this condition can cause it to break apart entirely, meaning you might be left without a functioning cooling system altogether.


When your cooling unit first starts, it’s not unusual to hear a smidgen of clicking now and again. Muted and thus unobtrusive, these sounds simply are those of the electrical components starting up and going to work. But constant ticking? That’s quite mysterious—and quite annoying—indeed!

Typically, it means that something electrical is malfunctioning inside the machine, though it can also signal something mechanical is amiss. There’s no way to know what kind of fix your cooling needs without an A/C contractor, so get one out to your property ASAP. Faulty electrical wiring of any sort can start fires!


Though this noise generally doesn’t indicate anything severe, it can be a sign of any number of issues, from the filter needing changing to wayward debris stuck somewhere. It’s sure one of the trickier sounds to pinpoint the source of, as the potential causes behind it are so numerous—mechanical, age, maintenance, you name it.  That’s why you need an A/C contractor to fix the issue, as a DIY approach will take you far too long.

Furnace Doctors: Here to Help Your A/C Feel Well Again

Don’t get caught out in the heat this August. With professional help from Furnace Doctors, your A/C can be back to its silent, stalwart self in a jiffy. Give our Saint Paul Park office a call today at 651-789-3082.

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