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Is Your Furnace Ready to Get in the Game? 3 Signs It’s Time for Pre-Winter Maintenance
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Is Your Furnace Ready to Get in the Game? 3 Signs It’s Time for Pre-Winter Maintenance

Unless you’re a hockey fan, it might feel a little weird to think about winter being game season for anything—but for your furnace, that’s exactly what it is. As the weather cools and lower temperatures creep in, this part of your HVAC system will begin its yearly working period with the sole job of keeping your family warm and comfortable.

But is it ready to get its head in the game? Nothing is worse than getting caught in a Minnesotan winter without a furnace; take it from Furnace Doctors, your Saint Paul Park providers of furnace repair services! Below are just a few signs that your furnace might not be ready to stave off the winter chill.

No Heat Is an Obvious Sign you Need Furnace Repair

That’s why it’s always helpful to turn on your furnace for a bit in the fall, before temperatures dip below freezing and you need it to stay safe. If your furnace doesn’t even emit heat, don’t wait and hope the problem will resolve itself; contact a furnace repairman today!

That being said, there are a few things you should do beforehand before panicking and calling for help. A furnace that fails to heat can simply be the consequence of a thermostat that hasn’t been set correctly, for example. Your pilot light also may simply need to be relit.

How Have Your Energy Bills Been Looking?

Of course, you can’t simply pull up last month’s statement and judge from there. Summer months are your cooling’s responsibility! But by harkening back to the past year’s chillier periods and comparing it to times past can serve as a helpful benchmark for how your furnace is currently functioning—and if it may need an efficiency-restoring cleaning or just a general tuneup.

Judging your furnaces relative efficiency can be tricky, as you probably recycled the old bills after you paid them. However, checking your past bank statements can get you the information you need and can often be accomplished online.

You Can’t Remember When you Had Your Last Furnace Tune-Up

At minimum, furnace maintenance should be performed once a year—and again before the cold season. If you can’t recall the last time a furnace contractor visited your home, now’s the time to get one there before the busy winter months set in.

If this has been a historic problem for your family, consider an annual maintenance plan so that your heating’s needs are always taken care of.

Talk to the Friendly Furnace Repair Pros at Furnace Doctors Today

No matter the state of your furnace, we have the know-how and expertise needed to make it run like new. Give our Saint Paul Park office a call today at 651-789-3082.

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