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Should I Cover my AC for Winter?
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Should I Cover my AC for Winter?

Winter is “hibernation” time for your cooling system, and you’ve no doubt at this point in the year readied it for the cold weather ahead, both mechanically and otherwise. However, if you’re like many homeowners who have just learned how to properly tend to their air conditioning, one caretaking question probably has left you scratching your head: should you cover your air conditioning before the snow flies?

The short answer: it depends. Furnace Doctors, your Saint Paul Park team of HVAC contractors, has all the information you need below to make an informed decision.

Consider Condensation Concerns

While here in Minnesota it’s sometimes advisable to cover your A/C to keep out excessive snow and ice, you’ll need to be careful about what cover you use if you choose to go that route. Airflow is critical if you want to prevent rusting, mold and corrosion, so plastic covers and anything that doesn’t “breathe,” so to speak, are absolute no-nos.

So what should you use? If anything, polyester or mesh can be good bets. Talk with your HVAC company to find the right material for you, as this can be heavily situation-dependent. You might not need one at all!

Wrangling Rodents

Another potential problem when you cover your cooling: rodent problems. By blanketing the structure, you create a dark, enclosed space that’s out of the wind and full of tight spaces—in short, the perfect spot for your resident rodent yard-dwellers to take up residence. When they do, they can cause serious systemic damage; one mouse can chew up more things than is believable upon first sight!

If you’re going to cover your cooling, you’ll need to safeguard it against rodents, which is usually easier said than done, as most likely you won’t want to cover your system completely.

Always Account for Age

Newer models tend to be built weatherproof, so as to counteract all the potential downfalls to applying a cover. In this case, your machine might be absolutely fine to sit outside unprotected—in fact, it may prefer it. Older models, though, can often benefit from a little extra protection in the winter, though as always, remember to account for condensation concerns!

 Furnace Doctors: The A/C Service With All the Cooling System Answers

Considering covering your air conditioning system this winter? Let us help you decide if it’s the right route for you. Give our Saint Paul Park office a call today at 651-789-3082.

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