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Carbon Monoxide and Your Furnace: What you Need to Know
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Carbon Monoxide and Your Furnace: What you Need to Know

An atom of carbon and an atom of oxygen—alone, they don’t sound too threatening, but when they join together and form carbon monoxide, things get a whole lot more serious. A deadly gas that cannot be smelled or seen, this substance was responsible for an estimated 210 deaths that were also “associated with the use of consumer products”, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commision in 2018.

Your gas furnace produces this stuff naturally as it burns, and while it’s well-contained when things are working as they should, it can escape your heating appliances if proper protocol isn’t followed. Learn more about maintenance requirements and how to keep your family safe from Furnace Doctors, your Saint Paul Park providers of furnace services.

How Do I Know if I’m Dealing With Carbon Monoxide?

First of all, don’t panic: as we said, furnaces are perfectly safe when they’re well-maintained. Your HVAC contractor knows all about how to eliminate the risks. It’s still helpful for your peace of mind, though, to know a few basic signs that this substance has found its way into your home, as furnaces aren’t the only potential producers of it.

According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning include

●        Headaches

●        Nausea

●        Weakness

●        Dizziness

●        Blurry vision

On the furnace side of things, if your flame burns yellow, you know there’s an issue with carbon monoxide production. If that’s the case, it’s time for emergency furnace repair services, and fast!

What Do I Do if I Suspect Carbon Monoxide in the Home?

Evacuate and seek prompt medical attention if needed. In severe cases, you’ll also want to call the fire department, as the Minnesota Department of Health recommends. Once everyone in your family is properly cared for and your home deemed unhazardous to its surroundings, call for emergency furnace services.

How Can I Prevent Carbon Monoxide From Escaping my Furnace?

Simple: regular furnace maintenance. Don’t wait until things get bad before calling in help; that help should be checking up on your furnace regularly to make sure your family stays safe. Just like you go to a medical professional for an annual physical exam, so should your furnace—in its own way, of course! Furnace Doctors is proud to provide an HVAC maintenance plan that is affordable and grants you immense peace of mind.

No Matter the Urgency, Furnace Doctors Is Always There

We’re to take care of your heating system’s health—and by proxy, that of your family too. Give our Saint Paul Park office a call today at 651-789-3082.

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