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It’s Static Season: Here’s How to Keep This Residential Indoor Air Quality Problem in Check
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It’s Static Season: Here’s How to Keep This Residential Indoor Air Quality Problem in Check

Do you feel like you’re getting tricked with a hand buzzer every time you go to open a door in your home? Does petting the cat make its fur stand on end, appearing magnetized towards your hand? Then you’ve got a major static electricity problem!

Though it’s not uncommon by any means in Minnesota homes, static electricity tends to peak during the winter months thanks to low temperatures and dry air. Luckily, there are a vast variety of actions you can take to curb its strength, and it all starts with your residential indoor air quality.

Furnace Doctors, your Saint Paul Park providers of air quality control solutions, has the scoop on stopping static below.

Install a Whole House Humidifier

Static electricity thrives in dry air, but that’s not the only issue improper humidity levels can cause. Check out our HVAC contractor blog “Why Is Regulating Your Home’s Humidity Important?” for the big picture. In short, though low humidity can wreak havoc on both your furniture and health—and with static threatening your peace of mind on top of that, your home can quickly become an unpleasant place to be.

Thank goodness there’s a simple solution: a whole house humidifier installation. By regaining control over your home’s humidity levels, you’ll not only reduce static electricity but also improve your residential indoor air quality in other ways too.

Work With Your Home’s Ventilation Systems

Chances are, your home has a built-in ventilation system of one of four types (check out the United States Department of Energy’s post about them for the specifics). Problems with these ventilation systems, misuse, or a lack of needed maintenance can mean that they fail to regulate your home’s humidity levels as they should.

The solution? A visit from an HVAC contractor! “HVAC” stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, so they can make sure your home’s ventilation system is up to par and that it’s doing everything it can to keep static at bay.

Consider Quick Fixes in the Meantime

Though they’re by no means as effective or as long-term as the two aforementioned solutions, a variety of “hacks” can keep you safe from static until help arrives. You may consider purchasing an anti-static spray at your local drug store or supermarket, for one.

A few other recommendations include:

Stay Moisturized

Sciencing, an online science news platform, recommends moisturizing one’s skin regularly throughout the dry winter months to eliminate the friction that can bring on bouts of static.

Keep Your Floors Clean

Even small build-ups of dust, debris, and particles can all help contribute to a static build-up. So this means keeping up on regular floor cleanings, and afterward, adding baking soda or static guard to your carpeting.

Invest in House Plants

Humidity is a crucial component in reducing the levels of static electricity in your home, and plants can help contribute to this. They utilize a process called transpiration, where 90% of their water evaporates from their leaves, leaving you with a reduction in static electricity and higher levels of air quality.

Treat Your Carpet and Upholstery

Your upholstery, carpets, and rugs are the biggest location for build-up. And while an anti-static spray is recommended, you can also rub dryer sheets on the upholstery to help create a barrier between the positive and negative charges and reduce the levels.

Choose Low-Static Fabrics

You might have a favorite sweater or shirt, but some fabric types have synthetic fibers, and when the material rubs against your skin, it can form static electricity. So avoiding materials like silk, polyester, and rayon and trading them in for cotton or leather can help reduce your risk of that familiar electric zap to your skin.

Utilize Metal

Another quick and easy fix is to carry metal in your pocket. This could be a safety pin or key because all the electron charges will transfer to the object if you touch it first. You can also use a metal hanger and rub it against the length of your clothing before putting them on in the morning.

Furnace Doctors: Say Goodbye to Static for Good

Take back your home’s comfort with the help of a whole home humidifier today. Give Furnace Doctors’ Saint Paul Park office a call today at 651-789-3082 to get started.

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