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How to Know if Your Air Filter Is a Poor Fit for Your House
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How to Know if Your Air Filter Is a Poor Fit for Your House

Air filters aren’t just in add-on air purification devices; they’re a crucially important component of a variety of HVAC systems, from your furnace to your air conditioning. Chances are, if you have heating or cooling, you’ve got at least one of these guys helping to keep your home’s air pollutant levels down.

While air filters are excellent in all they can do, not every filter fits every family. We’ve previously discussed 'How to know if your filter is doing its job' on our HVAC services blog, but how do you know if the opposite is true?

While only an HVAC contractor can give you a personalized answer, below we’ll discuss a few telltale signs that your current air purification filter just isn’t cutting it.

Your Home Is Dusty

As we covered in our blog on the topic, a lackluster air filter can be to blame if your home is currently bathing in dust. According to Bob Vila, a trusted home advice publisher, “the higher the MERV rating on a filter, the fewer dust particles… can pass through it.” The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers came up with this system to contextualize filter efficiency.

So the higher the MERV level, the less dust in the home—right? Sort of. No matter the MERV rating of a filter, it needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly, or else it won’t be able to do its job. It pays to assess your own HVAC service habits before jumping to a higher level.

Your HVAC Is Flagging

There is indeed such a thing as too high a MERV level. While these filters are powerhouses, they require a robust HVAC system to push air through them. A filter that’s a poor fit in that it’s too strong for your home may cause your HVAC to strive beyond its capabilities, which can result in your needing premature repairs or maintenance. If you’ve been dealing with a grumpy system lately, it’s smart to check your MERV rating.

You’ve Recently Changed the Filter Width

Generally speaking, the standard HVAC system requires a filter that’s an inch thick. That being said, there are a considerable number of nonstandard filters available, some of which can be up to four inches wide! If you’ve changed up your filter width recently without first consulting with your HVAC contractor, your system may be paying the price.

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