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What Happens During an A/C Tuneup From Furnace Doctors?
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What Happens During an A/C Tuneup From Furnace Doctors?

Right on the cusp of springtime is a fantastic occasion to get your air conditioning tuned up. Not only will you be ready far ahead of time for the hot weather many months in the future, but you’ll also minimize your needs for air conditioning service in the coming months. Care for your A/C, and it cares for you right back.

Even knowing that, though, you might feel a little apprehensive about letting an unfamiliar HVAC contractor into your home to perform a service that you know nothing about. Furnace Doctors is here to ease your fears. Below, we’ll detail a bit of what goes on during a typical tuneup.

Your Air Conditioning System Gets Cleaned

Even though it basically sits undisturbed unless its settings are changed, your air conditioning system can, and often does, accrue grime on a few of its parts through simple everyday use. These include the condenser and coils, both of which are involved in the system’s heat transfer. During a standard air conditioning maintenance appointment, we’ll thoroughly clean both of these apparatuses to maintain your system’s efficiency.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to cruddy coils and condensers, check out UV air purifiers and similar technology.

Your Air Conditioning System Is Safeguarded Against Electrical Damage

There are plenty of moving—and stationary—parts in your air conditioning unit and just as many cords to supply them the power they need. We’ll be sure to look over your air conditioning unit for potential loose electrical components during a standard system tune-up and tighten them. This helps keep your system’s motor healthy!

We’ll also properly secure such components to protect your system from the dangers of electrical misdirection.

Your Thermostat’s Connectivity and Settings Are Checked

As we talked about in our HVAC services blog, furnaces can fall prey to a poorly set thermostat—and since your A/C is also part of your HVAC system, it too is subject. During A/C service, we’ll inspect your thermostat and air conditioner’s relationship, ensuring the former is set to all the proper levels. More in-depth than simply changing the temperature, this service makes certain that you don’t encounter such issues as home levels being different temperatures from one another.

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