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How to Get Your AC Ready for Action in TIme for Summer
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How to Get Your AC Ready for Action in TIme for Summer

It’s only March, but if you’re like many Minnesotans, you’re already daydreaming about the summer—the cold winter can do that to you! But don’t just wait around for the temperatures to rise; there’s work to be done before the weather gets warmer, and much of that includes prepping your air conditioning unit for duty.

After all, it’s been sitting unused for the winter, and probably most of the spring, too. If you want a space to get away from the heat this year, you’d better roll back your sleeves and get to work. Below, Furnace Doctors, your Saint Paul Park furnace contractors and air conditioning service providers, detail a few ways you can make sure your A/C is ready to perform at its best.

Check Your Vents for A/C

As soon as the weather is warm enough, use your thermostat to turn on your air conditioner. Go from vent to vent in your home and make sure you’re getting cold air through. If you’re not, or the air conditioning fails to respond entirely, you know that you’ve got a problem.

This simple, common-sense test can’t exactly tell you what the issue is, though—if it’s in how your thermostat connects to the air conditioning or an issue in the latter machine itself. Needless to say, if you’re not getting cold air through your vents, it’s time to call an HVAC contractor. Your comfort this summer could depend on it.

Clean Up Around the Outside of the System

With luck, this has already been done; after all, tidying up the yard is an essential part of spring cleaning. But if you haven’t gotten to that work yet, now’s the time.

According to the Porter and Chester Institute, trimming back woody plants, removing overgrown grass, and disposing of wayward tree branches can all help your air conditioner run more efficiently, thanks to an increase in airflow.

Contact Your HVAC Pro for a Checkup and Maintenance

There’s plenty you can do as a homeowner to ensure your air conditioner’s health, but at the end of the day, you should hire a pro to do the more complex tidying tasks, such as cleaning your air conditioner’s coils. You won’t need to stress over the proper handling of such delicate components, and you’ll rest much easier having had a pair of trained eyes on your unit—eyes that can spot small problems before they lead to summertime service interruptions.

Furnace Doctors: For the Health of Your HVAC

No matter if your furnace is on the fritz or your air conditioning is all worn out, our team of Saint Paul Park HVAC contractors i here to help. Reach our office now at 651-789-3082.

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