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Post-Winter Furnace Checkup: Three Things to Do Before Shutting it Down for the Season
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Post-Winter Furnace Checkup: Three Things to Do Before Shutting it Down for the Season

Now that the weather is warming—hopefully!—you’re most likely thinking about transitioning from your heating to your cooling system. While we wish it was as easy as flipping a switch and having your HVAC seamlessly swap modes, furnaces require a little bit of TLC before they hunker down to hibernate through the summer.

Below, Furnace Doctors, your Saint Paul Park providers of furnace and A/C repair, discusses a few things to do for your furnace before the weather gets too hot to need it.

Schedule its Pre-Winter Checkup

Nobody wants to think about winter when we’re heading into summer, but smart homeowners know that it’s time to schedule their furnace’s pre-season checkup now. Even if you’re putting it on the calendar months in advance, this ensures that your favored HVAC contractor will be able to service it during the busy months that come up before the cold season.

To be extra safe, you can even sign up for an HVAC maintenance plan. We talk about the benefits of such a plan in our HVAC contractor blog. In our case, though, becoming a Comfort Keeper with Furnace Doctors means priority scheduling and reminders for when it’s time to have your HVAc system serviced!

Wash the Outside of Your Furnace

You’d be surprised how dirty the thing can get over the winter! Return your system to its former shining glory by taking a damp, not wet, washcloth and gentle detergent to the outside, then drying the system. Avoid using a pressure washer, though, as you risk soaking or otherwise damaging the delicate internal components. Leave cleaning those to a professional furnace repairman!

In some cases, you might also benefit from using a vacuum with a brush attachment to get in the cracks and crevices.

Change the Filter

All furnaces come with a filter—and this filter works hard throughout the cold season to cut down on airborne pollutants and improve your residential indoor air quality. Though you might not need to make use of your heating appliance again until the fall, it’s still a good idea to replace that filter now. That way, when the first unseasonably chilly night comes around, your HVAC system is ready to keep your family both comfortable and safe.

Keep in mind that some homes have an HVAC system that uses one filter for both appliances, while others may have separate filters for each one—so use this advice as you see fit. You might already be on a filter-changing schedule that suits your furnace’s needs.

Furnace Doctors: Residential Indoor Air Quality Experts

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