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Why an Air Conditioner on its Own Doesn’t Work as a Dehumidifier
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Why an Air Conditioner on its Own Doesn’t Work as a Dehumidifier

Did you know that the first air conditioners actually came about as a result of humidity problems? Indeed, according to the United States Department of Energy, in the 1900s William Carrier’s “Apparatus for Treating Air” played a huge role in the development of modern air conditioning technology, though it was designed mostly to handle humidity issues in a publishing company.

While air conditioning and whole house humidifiers have intertwined histories, it’s a myth that an air conditioner is always enough to manage the humidity in your home. Below, Furnace Doctors, your Saint Paul Park providers of heating and A/C repair, discusses why you can’t rely solely on your air conditioner for humidity control.

It’s Simply Not in the Design

Air conditioners do have dehumidifying properties, but they simply don’t have the power in that respect to make a significant household difference. They’ve been specialized to do cooling, not to dehumidify. It’s similar to how a gaming console produces heat as it runs—yes, it warms up, but it can’t do so to the extent that your home needs to stay comfortable.

Air conditioning units dehumidify by allowing water to condense along the coils; it’s why many of them often have necessary drainage capabilities. But this dehumidifying is so negligible when an entire home needs service that it’s no match for a whole-house humidifier, which has been designed specifically to combat the issue.

Why Use a Whole House Dehumidifier Instead

Air conditioning units are an important player in maintaining your residential indoor air quality; we don’t mean to deny that. After all, imagine going without one in the harsh heat of a Minnesotan summer! Whole house humidifiers simply are designed to fix humidity issues, which in turn means they’re

Economically Smart

Humidity can wreck your home financially. We covered its ill effects in our HVAC contractor blog, and they include mold and warped flooring—not cheap issues to fix. Get help from whole house humidifier installers and save yourself money in the long run.

Better for Your Comfort

Frigid homes as a result of running the A/C solely to cope with humidity aren’t exactly comfy. You shouldn’t have to don a sweater just to feel at ease in your own home! With a whole house humidifier, you can remain cozy while also tending to the health of your household.

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