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HVAC Tips for Pet Owners to Improve Air Quality
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HVAC Tips for Pet Owners to Improve Air Quality

Whether you’re a crazy cat person, a dog aficionado, or are content with just a single pet, one thing’s for certain: you love your animals dearly. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for your HVAC system.

Given that animals are a big source of hair and dander, keeping your air clean and temperate in the presence of pets can be a tough job. Luckily, though, with the right pet care and HVAC maintenance plan, there are plenty of ways to keep your family comfortable and breathing easy.

Before you contact Furnace Doctors to get started, keep a few things in mind.

Effects of Pet Hair and Dander on Your HVAC System

While having a pet has an overall positive effect on a person’s life and emotional health, a poorly groomed pet can be harmful to your health. Learning the adverse effects of pet dander and hair will help you understand the critical need for air quality control measures in your home.

Worsening of Respiratory Issues

Family members or friends with respiratory issues, such as allergies and asthma, are going to  be greatly affected by a poorly groomed pet. The dander and hair that floats through the air causes irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. Shortness of breath and excessive coughing can also occur.

Development of Symptoms or Illness

Even those without allergies, asthma, or other lung conditions can suffer with the effects of pet dander. From itchy eyes to a runny nose, pet dander can be extremely harmful for the human respiratory system.

How You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality With Pets

Even knowing the adverse effects of animals and their dander and hair, we wouldn’t trade our pets for the world. We may even keep pets we’re allergic to – or, some of us do.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep these effects at bay.

Keep Animals Well-Groomed

Brushing your cat or dog removes dander and excess hair which would otherwise end up in your ducts or clog up any applicable air filtration systems. Though hygiene needs can vary from pet to pet, we recommend giving all of your animals a quick brush-down every few days during shedding season.

For the average furry pet, this may happen about two times a year. However, routinely brushing your pets will help you keep up. If, however, you own particularly hairy breeds of pets, like Husky dogs or Persian cats, trips to the groomers could very well be in the cards. It’s an investment, but your HVAC system will thank you.

Vacuum and Steam-Clean Often

What does the stuff beneath your feet have to do with your pets and your air quality? Quite a bit actually. Pet dander and other animal pollutants can stick to your carpets, causing long-term residential indoor air quality issues. It’s yet another reason a strict grooming routine is important, but so are vacuuming and deep-cleaning.

Keep your floors clean, and your HVAC system will be clean. It’s that simple.

Invest in an HVAC Maintenance Plan

The aforementioned shedding seasons are cyclical. You know for sure and far ahead of time when you’ll be dealing with excess pet hair and potential HVAC system strain. That’s why planned maintenance from an HVAC contractor is such a good idea for pet owners.

When the inevitable furballs start flying, break out the brushes. Your HVAC contractor is already on standby to take care of the rest.

Explore Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Combating harmful air pollutants isn’t something your HVAC system was designed to do on its own. Luckily, there are many innovative indoor air quality solutions on the market today, from air purifiers to UV lights that sanitize your HVAC equipment.

Contact Furnace Doctors for residential indoor air quality testing to get started, and we’ll help you choose the right products for your needs.

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is something that, as homeowners, we often neglect until there is an obvious problem. You can easily improve the air quality of your home with an annual, thorough duct cleaning.

A duct cleaning professional can easily remove years of dust and debris from pet dander and hair in minutes!

Humidity Control Systems

What are humidity control systems? It helps to control the growth of harmful bacteria and mold in your home. At Furnace Doctors, we offer customers whole-home humidifier solutions that meet your specific needs.

Air Filtration

There are different types of air filtration systems that may be appropriate for your home. From UV lamps to standard systems, the air filtration systems from Furnace Doctors clear the air of your home.

Enjoy your pets without fear of illness with Furnace Doctors!

UV Lights

One very safe and environmentally-friendly solution to improving indoor air quality is through UV lights.

A UV light air filtration system combats mold, mildew and other pollutants via UV light air sterilization. It helps you to prevent mold and mildew growth in your home and gets rid of pet dander and other allergens.

Contact Your Local Air Quality Control Experts at Furnace Doctors

From heating and cooling services to duct cleaning, Furnace Doctors in Saint Paul, MN can do it all. We even offer HVAC maintenance plans for those so inclined. Don’t let something as manageable as hair keep you (and your pet!) from the comfortable home you deserve.

Send us a message now, or give Furnace Doctors a call at 651-789-3082.

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