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How to Know if Your A/C Is Running as Efficiently as it Can
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How to Know if Your A/C Is Running as Efficiently as it Can

We work hard to maximize the efficiency of our offices, our cars, our insulation—so why shouldn’t we do the same thing with our air conditioning units? Judging how your cooling is keeping up with your demands has a number of benefits: a better understanding of your HVAC system as a whole, smarter energy usage from an environmental standpoint, and of course shrinking your energy bills.

But assessing the functioning of a machine that’s used daily for a solid season isn’t always easy, so Furnace Doctors is here to help. Below, we’ll chat a bit about a few occurrences that indicate A/C efficiency—and a few that indicate otherwise.

How Old Is Your Air Conditioning System?

Age is just a number in some cases; an older A/C model, when well serviced and cared for, can work just as well as a newer model. But an aged system generally won’t run as well as it did in its younger years, simply due to typical wear-and-tear. With how rapidly cooling technology is advancing, too, if your air conditioner is getting up there in age, it might just be time for air conditioner replacement.

So how long should your air conditioner last? That depends on a lot of things—how much you use it, how well you care for it, what climate you live in, etcetera. According to Bob Vila, a home advice site, “A well-made, well-maintained central air-conditioning system under average demand typically lasts 12 to 17 years.”

Have you Kept Up With Maintenance?

Just like any machine—and any person, for that matter—an A/C unit cannot be expected to perform at the same level day in and day out without the proper care. This takes the form of regular HVAC contractor visits to replace or fix damaged parts. If you’re signed up with an A/C maintenance plan and have been following the instructions of your HVAC services provider, you should be golden, but if not, your machine might be flagging a bit.

Is Your Air Conditioner Quiet?

A cool home and a quiet home can and should coexist. If your air conditioner begins to make noise, as we covered in a previous blog, chances are something is wrong with it—and chances are that it’s dragging down its efficiency, as these finely-tuned machines need everything in order internally to be at their best.

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