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Three Ways to Help Your A/C Do its Best Work This Summer
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Three Ways to Help Your A/C Do its Best Work This Summer

With the warm season in full swing, your air conditioning unit is no doubt working as hard as it can to keep your family cool and comfortable. While you don’t need to give it a pat on the back or anything, your cooling system will no doubt appreciate you taking a few steps to make its life a little easier. You’ll accrue fewer repairs in the long run and enjoy a more comfortable home in the short-term. It’s a double win!

Below, Furnace Doctors, Saint Paul Park HVAC contractors, discuss a few ways that you can set your air conditioning up for success this season.

Prevent Air Leaks

We’ve all heard the old joke when somebody holds the front door open for too long: “Come on in, we’re not paying to cool outside!”. But if your home is dealing with air leaks, you might be paying to cool the outdoors without even knowing it, which puts additional undue strain on your A/C.

We’ve actually written an entire blog on air leaks, so check it out for the full scoop. In short, though, these are cracks or crevices where your home’s interior air escapes to the outside—or vice versa—where it isn’t supposed to. Fix them up with this guide from the United States Department of Energy. Not only will you find your home less drafty and more comfortable, but your air conditioner will run much more efficiently.

Stay Up to Date With Filter Changes

Your HVAC system’s filters have a huge effect on how well—or poorly—that system functions. As we covered in our residential indoor air quality blog, filters eventually become clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, regardless of how high a MERV value they are. They then physically restrict airflow, making your cooling unit work harder to keep your home at a given temperature. Plus, you’ll get gross, unfiltered air circulating through your household. Ick!

Every filter has a unique maintenance schedule you must adhere to if you want your A/C to continue to work unimpeded. If you’re unsure how to stick to it, ask your HVAC contractor.

Communication Is Key

If you’re part of a family that only uses the air conditioning intermittently during the hotter months, you’ll need to make sure everyone is always on the same page about when it’s on versus off. Leaving the windows open and the air conditioning running is a recipe for both sky-high energy bills and long-term system exhaustion!

Furnace Doctors: Here to Help Keep Your Heating and Cooling Healthy

Our Saint Paul Park team would be happy to help safeguard your system’s efficiency and wellbeing. Reach our office today at 651-789-3082.

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