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How to Prevent Furnace-Related Fires
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How to Prevent Furnace-Related Fires

Furnaces are a Minnesotan necessity, bringing us much-needed heat throughout the coldest of winters. But they need a little TLC and some periodic maintenance, not only because they’re essential to our survival but also because furnace neglect can be disastrous.

You might not know you’ve got a potential fire just waiting to start in your home, but under the right circumstances, your heating system could fit that bill perfectly.

Furnace Fires: What You Need to Know

Because furnaces are both machines and appliances that deal with household heat, they’re subject to fires and even outright explosions if not maintained properly. But don’t run down to check yours in a panic!

If you’ve invested in regular heating services from an HVAC contractor, especially an applauded one like Furnace Doctors, you’re absolutely fine. Take a deep breath!

In fact, generally speaking, furnace fires only happen when your furnace has been outright forgotten for far too long. Do any of the following apply to your household?

●        You’ve neglected duct cleaning

●        Soot has built up inside the machine

●        Your furnace is cracked on the inside

●        Excessive heat burns up in the motor

How Do I Keep My Family Safe?

Simple: You take responsibility for your heating system and schedule regular appointments with your HVAC services provider.

Furnace fires typically don’t happen out of the blue, and you’re often given more than fair warning in the form of a strangely colored flame or excessive noise. However, a heating contractor should practically be on your speed dial, as they’ve got the know-how and finesse to keep things from remotely nearing these dangerous, pre-explosion levels.

Ideally, invest in one who understands HVAC systems as a whole, not just furnaces, as their holistic understanding of heating, cooling, and ducts more fully ensure your furnace’s health.

Furnace Maintenance Plans Are Ideal

Life’s busy. We get it. When you’re juggling a career and potentially kids, your furnace is the last thing on your mind! That’s why a furnace maintenance plan from Furnace Doctors is perfect for anyone, from the modern family to the young and single homeowner.

Rest easy when regular maintenance minimizes the risk of furnace fires and fret not about finding time for appointments – our maintenance plan customers get priority scheduling!

Contact Furnace Doctors for Furnace Repair Services & More

Our Saint Paul Park team boasts comprehensive HVAC maintenance prowess and stellar service with speed and a smile. For all your A/C, air purification, duct cleaning, and heating needs, give us a call today at 651-789-3092.

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