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Is Your A/C Ready for Summer?
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Is Your A/C Ready for Summer?

Summer is only a couple of months away – it’s time to get excited! Long days on the lake and warmer temperatures await. But it’s also time to make sure that your air conditioning is ready for the increased demand you’ll no doubt put on it.

Read on to learn how to make sure your cooling system has you in good hands this warm season, courtesy of Furnace Doctors, your preferred Saint Paul Park HVAC contractors.

Landscape Around Your Cooling Unit

No, we don’t mean with mulch and flowers, though it’d sure make it look nice! Air conditioning units need to “breathe” if they’re to function at their best, and climbing vegetation or stubborn weeds can majorly choke them out.

As you clean up your lawn this spring, make a pointed effort to clear the space around your air conditioning unit. It takes only a few minutes, but the cool home it will help make is well worth it.

Replace or Clean Your HVAC Filters

In both homes with central heating and air conditioning and those that have separate systems, the furnace and A/C will use the same filter. This means that all the grime that’s built up in that filter over the winter quarantine will still be there come summer – yuck!

It’s recommended that you replace or clean (whichever method fits your filter) before your HVAC system truly goes to work in the summer. If you’re in need of help with this or need a filter that provides better air purification, Furnace Doctors is only a phone call away!

Get an Air Duct Checkup

Given that your cooling unit uses these ducts to do its job, it’s smart to make sure they’re functioning at their best, too. Dirty ducts and similar components can mean extra strain on your HVAC system, of which your A/C unit is a part of.

Luckily, Furnace Doctors offers vent cleaning services alongside A/C maintenance, so you won’t need to shop around. Plus, given that we’re experienced in both areas, we understand how they can interact, in both good ways and bad. And you’ll get the same top-notch service you’d expect from Furnace Doctors, no matter what you call us for!

Want to Prepare Your Cooling System for Summer? Furnace Doctors Is Here to Help

We aim to be your one-stop shop for all your HVAC needs, and with all of our five-star reviews, you know that we always follow through on that. Give our Saint Paul Park office a call today at 651-789-3082.

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